How Do I Make A Claim?

The claims process for failed CWI is best treated with caution.

Always try and recruit the services of a competent surveyor to determine if the cavity wall insulation is clearly the cause of damp. 

If you have had your property insulated and have since suffered from damp, mould or mildew then there is a good chance that it could be caused by a breakdown of the cavity wall insulation.

This can be due to the wrong type of insulation being fitted, the insulation being poorly installed or your property is located  in an area where it is deemed that most types of cavity wall insulation are unsuitable.

Steps to Take When Claiming for Failed CWI.

You should have all of the relevant paperwork at hand including any quotes, receipts, copies of the survey forms as well as your copy of the CIGA (Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency)

Once you have this information then you should take the following action.

  1. Get an independent survey (DO NOT skip this step)
  2. Contact the original installer of the insulation
  3. Contact CIGA
  4. Seek legal assistance to make a claim for compensation

Get an Independent Survey

At present, it cannot be said that CIGA are an independent organisation and it is not uncommon for them to deny that CWI is responsible for the damp issues.

It is therefore recommended that you call in an independent surveyor to assess the problem and report their findings.

It will make it far more difficult for the CIGA representative to deny culpability.

Should you require assistance choosing a surveyor then we are happy to help.

Contact the Installerexample of CIGA guarantee for failed CWI

Once you have the necessary proof you need to contact the company that installed the insulation and inform them of the problem.

This is proving more and more difficult as many of the original installers have since ceased training.

The name of the original installation company should be shown clearly on your CIGA guarantee.

Contact CIGA

The next step is to contact CIGA. Email them with the details of your issues and include your CIGA guarantee number which you will find on your certificate.

Contact A Specialist Law Firm

You may well be entitled to make a claim for compensation to not only cover the cost of the removal of the insulation from your property but also for the cost of the remedial work required to repair the damage caused by the faulty insulation.

There are a number of law firms that specialise in these type of claims and most will offer you free advice on your entitlement and the likelihood of a successful claim.