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Pioneering MP Spearheads the Drive To Expose the CWI Scandal

Hywel Williams

Plaid Cymru MP for Arfon, Hywel Williams has raised an Early Day Motion to draw attention to the CWI Scandal.

Hywel Williams, renowned for his interest in social policy, proposed this EDM on the 1st November.

An EDM is a formal submission for a debate in the House of Commons.

Whilst many EDM’s do not actually reach the debating stage, they often highlight a particular cause or issue.

Mr Williams first raised the issue of botched CWI back in August 2015.

In a press release from that month he was quoted as saying

“Thousands of people installed cavity wall insulation, misled that this was a government scheme. Now the insulation is failing, letting in driving rain and leaving them with damp, mouldy homes, high heating bills, and an industry guarantee scheme under great pressure as large insulation companies go to the wall. Will the Prime Minister take a personal interest in this matter and make sure that older and disabled people in particular are not left to carry the burden of government and industry failures.”

Hywel Williams MP added, “As far as I’m concerned, the consumer redress process has so far been ineffective, with a ‘closed shop’ mentality whereby vulnerable people are left in damp and damaged homes. Ultimately, it is the government which is responsible for this mess. They pushed energy companies to meet targets but failed to set up proper regulation. No wonder there seems to have been wide spread abuse.”

Mr Williams also joined the campaign for victims of cavity wall insulation and helped take their fight to Whitehall.

The meeting with the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) resulted in the launch of the Bonfield Energy Review.

The purpose of the review was to investigate the CWI scandal fully.

Despite calls for the Report to be published, the government have repeatedly made excuses as to why the Review, due to have been published in May this year, is still delayed.

Hopefully Mr Williams’ EDM will bring the focus back on the government and force a reaction.

EDM number 633 reads as follows;

 ‘That this House notes that cavity wall insulation (CWI) has been installed in millions of homes in successive government-backed schemes, but that in many cases the insulation has failed, acting not as a barrier to keep heat on the inside but as a bridge to allow water penetration from the outside; further notes that the actual number of failures is unknown and that the consequential damp and other related and very serious problems have blighted the lives of householders for years; notes that many victims are older, disabled or vulnerable people; notes that many installation companies have gone out of business and that the industry guarantee scheme has serious failings, including a defensive and sometimes hostile attitude to claimants and provides a guarantee not compensation; notes that successful extraction of CWI is difficult and sometimes poorly completed, leading to further problems; commends the tireless work of Civalli, the victims support group; and calls on the Government to institute measures to actively identify potential victims, rectify failed installations and provide proper compensation.’

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