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Pets Gets Sick and Die Due to Damp and Mould

Many people are aware that a damp and mouldy home is an unhappy and unhealthy environment, but did you know it could also cause serious damage to the health of your pets?

Black mould toxicity in pets can often be quite slow to develop and difficult to spot.

It affects pets that live in homes where there is a substantial growth of black mould  over time.

Exposure over a mid to long term, results in your pet inhaling large quantities of black mould spores .

As with humans, this can lead to can lead to a range of respiratory and allergic reactions, including  a persistent cough, noisy or laboured breathing, red and itchy eyes and a general reduction in enthusiasm for exercise.

Over a sustained and longer term exposure, the mould will actually start to weaken your pets immune system, resulting in them being much more susceptible to other illnesses and problems, and making it considerably more difficult for them to recover when they do.

As with humans, longer-term exposure, will allow the spores to actually weaken the capillaries within the lungs of your pet, leading to eventual hemorrhage and  internal bleeding. This can ultimately prove fatal, as the pets lungs become full with blood.

What is certain is that mould which grows as a result of damp,  even at surprisingly low levels can hugely reduce the quality of your pets life.

They become lethargic, go off their food, stop enjoying walks and exercise, get ill more often and recover slower and in the worst case, can ultimately lead to their death.

For more detailed information about this post and advice about what to do if you feel your pet may be suffering from any of the health issues mentioned above, please read this excellent article from Pets4Homes.

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