Am I Entitled To Make A Claim

CWI claims cases are being processed each and everyday in the UK.

Repairing the damage caused by incorrectly installed or failed cavity wall insulation can be very expensive.

If we take a moment to consider a typical case then it is easy to see how costs quickly escalate.

As a general rule of thumb, extracting the faulty insulation costs on average, 5 times of the original installment charge. In some mid to large houses this can easily exceed £2500-£3000.Repairing damage after CWI scandal

Once the cavity has been cleared, inspected and approved, the affected walls and rooms must be allowed to thoroughly dry. To speed the process and reduce inconvenience, most homeowners hire industrial dehumidifiers. A further expense.

Unfortunately this is now were the real costs can start to mount.

  • Re-plastering, replacing damaged timbers and rotted windows.
  • Re-wiring, tiling, new carpets and curtains.
  • Painting and decorating. The list can be endless.

Finally there is the process of re-insulating with the correct material for your home and the application of any external treatments, should they be required.

The average home would certainly expect to have to pay out £10,000+.

With this in mind, a number of pioneering Law Firms and Action Groups combined and started to pursue the original installers or the organisation that guaranteed the quality of the work (typically CIGA) to recover costs.

CWI Claims Process

To proceed with any claim its important to establish that the cavity wall insulation is the actual cause of the damp.

If you suspect that it could be then we would suggest that that you download one of the many self assessment checklists that are available online. Using a checklist will give you a more informed indication of the likelihood of it being CWI related.

The checklist that we feel is the most simple and comprehensive can be found using the following link. Self Assessment Checklist

Surveys and Reports

At present, it cannot be said that CIGA are operating as an independent organisation. It is not uncommon for them to deny that it is the cavity insulation that is responsible for the damp issues.wet cavity wall insulation

After completing the self assessment form and being reasonably sure that CWI is to blame for your problems, then it is important to obtain proof that could be used to support your claim.

It is therefore recommended that you call in an independent surveyor to assess the problem and report their findings. It will make it far more difficult for CIGA  to deny culpability.

The surveyor will investigate the cause, gather photographs and provide you with a detailed report.

Should you require assistance in choosing a surveyor, we at CRISAS will be more than happy to assist you.

Blame and Responsibility

It is the general view that the blame for this scandal sits with the contractors, guarantors and the utility firms that sponsored the scheme.

Normally when trying to recover costs we would suggest that you contact the organisations involved in the following order

The Installation Company

These can usually be traced via the CIGA guarantee, although the vast majority of these companies are now disappearing at an alarming rate. Many of the same people who installed the faulty insulation are now the same people who will charge you to extract it! Be cautious.

Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency

CIGA provide 25 year guarantees for CWI fitted by registered installers in the UK.Levels of indemnity range from £10000 to £20000.

Energy Companies

Ultimately, as the organisations that contracted and instructed the teams of canvassers, cold callers, surveyors and installers, these major companies had a responsibility to ensure that their customers’ homes were not damaged as a result of poor and shoddy workmanship.

As with PPI claims, every individual who feels that they have suffered due to cavity wall insulation has the right to seek compensation independently but we at CRISAS feel it is currently quite a complex process, so a reputable firm of solicitors or one of the specialised management companies that deal exclusively with CWI claims, would be a simpler option.

Claims Solicitors

There are a number of Law Firms that will happily accept your case on a “no win, no fee” basis.

A word of caution. The terms and conditions should be studied carefully before agreeing to using the services of a Law Firm. Please remember, this isn’t “Win, no fee” and some of the percentages deducted can be quite high. We will cover the details of this in a separate post.CWI legal advice

Typically a law firm will look to recover costs for some or all of the following.

  • Cost of professional surveys
  • RICS Surveyor (if required)
  • Extraction of damaged CWI
  • Drying of the property
  • Installation of correct insulation
  • Remedial work
  • Costs of inflated energy bills
  • Interest on finance if provided
  • Legal costs
  • Final survey and certification of all works

Project Management Companies

In the UK, there are a growing number of Management Companies that will help you to process all aspects of dealing with your CWI problems.

These companies will provide surveyors, lawyers, reputable tradespeople and guidance.

Some offer interest free finance so that you can start to get your home repaired immediately, in lieu of a claim.

Obviously the big advantage of the Management Company is that any rot, health damage and inconvenience and can be stopped sooner, rather than later.

CWI Claims Summary

If you suspect that your home or health is suffering due to incorrectly installed cavity wall insulation….

  1. Complete the simple Free Self Assessment Checklist
  2. Obtain an independent survey from a competent Surveyor
  3. Appoint  a Law Firm or Project Management Team to handle your claim

At any stage or for further advice or recommendations, please contact CRISAS directly via the contact page.