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Botched CWI Rallying Cry!

Rallying Cry 

Noun-definition – something such as a word, phrase, event, or belief that encourages people to unite and to act in support of a particular group or idea 

We are all aware of the story of David versus Goliath.

Against all odds, the small but courageous David defeated the much stronger and bigger Goliath.

Here at CRISAS we are contacted daily by individuals, fighting alone for their rights, health and homes.

The might of the Cavity Insulation Companies, the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency, the Big Energy Suppliers and even the Government, all stand in their way.

We feel that the time has come to stand together.

To establish a united campaign to prevent this scandal from being swept under the carpet.

As the saying goes there is ‘Strength in numbers!

The trade bodies have tried to keep a lid on it, denying the issues and burying their heads in the sand and have only recently begun to take this seriously after it was debated in Westminster due to years of campaigning  and dogged perseverance by Pauline Saunders of CIVALLI.

Who Is Affected?

The size of the CWI scandal still remains a matter of some debate.damp and mould caused by botched CWI

Of the 250,000 homes investigated by thermal imaging experts IRT Surveys Ltd, approximately half of the homes were already affected by failing CWI.

In contrast, a defensive Amber Rudd speaking on behalf of the Government, implied it could be as little as 1%!

Clearly, this huge discrepancy and this is partly due to the fact that no systematic research has been carried out by the government to assess the level of the problem.

Any property or home fitted with CWI, that is currently suffering from cold spots on the walls, damp or mould…could easily be a victim of botched CWI.

It really is that simple.

Whilst there are some obvious external factors which would indicate a higher risk of CWI being the cause of damp and mould, such as

The vast majority of problems with failed or botched CWI are often hidden and more difficult to spot;

  • Incorrect size of wall cavity
  • Debris between the external and internal walls
  • Insulation material obstructing the ventilation blocks
  • Not enough material used

The list is both long and extensive. What Can Go Wrong With CWI

So just remember this simple formula

CWI + Damp & Mould = You could be a victim of the CWI scandal

Botched CWI Rallying Cry – What We Want To Do

Help Us to Help You

Whilst the issues are now getting some attention and have been brought up in Parliament with an ‘early day motion’  recently, we still need to keep the pressure on and now is the time to push even harder to ensure that it gets the attention and more importantly the ‘action’ it deserves to help the millions of homes and families that have been affected.

We need YOUR help to build a picture of just how big this problem is and make sure there is enough of us involved to drive it forward to a positive conclusion and as the numbers grow and our voice gets louder the government, trade bodies and energy companies will have no choice but to deal with it sooner rather than later and understand that it is not going to go away.


How Many Homes Are Affected

We want to be able to speak with confidence about the number of people who are suffering due to this ill-conceived, Government sponsored scandal.

If you are a homeowner, tenant or a landlord and have suffered from the effects of faulty cavity wall insulation then we want to hear from you.crisa logo botched cwi

Please complete the short survey below to add your voice and support to the campaign to get justice.

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Let’s fight this together.