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Avoiding Rogue CWI Extraction Companies

For many of us, our cavity wall insulation problems started with a simple knock on the door.

A sales person or canvasser explaining that as part of a ‘government sponsored scheme’, we may be entitled to subsidized or even free insulation.

Sound familiar?

Well guess what? After years of damp, mould and inflated energy bills….that same canvasser could be strolling along your street right now…..but this time, he wants to remove your insulation!

The number of requests for cavity wall insulation removal following Building Surveys for mortgage purposes or complaint investigation, are at an all time high.

Unfortunately, the removal of botched cavity insulation and the cavity extraction companies that carry out the work is currently completely unregulated.

Rogue companies are now reported to be springing up all across the country claiming to be expert extraction companies.

Many of these companies are reported to be employing the same people who were claiming to be expert installers and who were responsible for carrying out the defective installation work in the first place.

In other words, the guys that installed the insulation in the first place (and did a bad job!), are now knocking on doors under a different guise saying that they can solve all of your problems by removing the bad insulation.

This is now becoming an area for extreme concern as homeowners are being asked to foot the bill for the extraction which can frequently exceed a couple of thousand pounds.  There is also the danger that agreeing to have your cavity wall insulation extracted may void the CIGA Guarantee.

Here at CRISAS we recognise that there are genuine operators within the industry, doing good honest work.

Companies who care about restoring affected homes and have a real desire to improve their energy efficiency. Providing warm, dry, mould free, healthy homes for cavity insulation victims.


As with any door to door sales operations, no matter how fantastic the offer may look, please curb your initial enthusiasm and ensure that who you are dealing with a respectable company .

All door canvassing/sales teams have a legal obligation to provide the following;

  • a business name, contact details and address (if they are selling for another company, they must also supply that company’s details)
  • an address for customer complaints, if this is different to their business address
  • a description of the goods or services and a reminder that any goods must be of reasonable quality and as described
  • the total price or how this will be calculated
  • how a customer can pay
  • any conditions of guarantees, services or after sales assistance

If your CIGA guarantee is at hand, then double check all company details and director details online.

ARRANGE AN INDEPENDENT SURVEY….. whilst these may cost between £100-£500 , it could potentially save you thousands. Any removal without independent verification could null and void your CIGA guarantee or any future opportunity to claim for cost recovery.

Contact CWI consumer organisations such as CIVALLI or CRISAS , for free independent guidance.