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Welcome to CRISAS , a site dedicated to help those of you that have fallen victim to the Cavity Wall Insulation scandal.

Our aim is to provide advice, support and guidance.

We work alongside professional bodies and pressure groups to help raise awareness of the botched CWI scandal.  We hope to drive and assist, the growing number of people who are being affected by CWI and the issues it is causing.

We are here to ensure that CWI is brought to the forefront of the public eye and stays there until this problem is resolved and homeowners have the justice they deserve.

If you feel that either yourself or someone you know could be a victim of failing CWI, start by getting in touch via our contact page.

The more people who add their voice to ours, the sooner this mess can be resolved.

Millions of properties throughout the UK have had the cavities in their homes filled with some type of insulation material. Many of these homes have suffered as a result of this cavity wall insulation. When done properly, CWI can help reduce energy bills and keep your home warmer. However, when the wrong type of insulation is used, the property is not suitable or the company filling the cavities fails to follow the product manufacturer’s installation guidelines or process, then the results can be horrendous as we see on a daily basis.

The problem began when, in an effort to hit carbon reduction targets, the government and ofgem put incentives in place to encourage people to have their homes insulated.

Under the ECO scheme energy companies offered to fill the cavities in homes for free or at a heavily discounted rate. There was a huge uptake and new installation companies sprung up.

Many of these installer were poorly trained and ill equipped to do the job. Very few checks were in place to monitor and control these insulation companies.

Whilst manufacturers had checklists for pre-installation and post-installation surveys. If they were carried out at all, they were carried out by people employed by the same companies that were being paid to fill the cavities!  Hardly an independent perspective.

Companies like the Marks Group, were paid thousands of pounds for each job, they paid their installation teams very little. These install teams had to fill several houses a day to earn reasonable money and while it is not an excuse for the shoddy work that they did, you can understand why they rushed to complete the job in the fastest possible time. Failing to carry out the required checks or to follow the manufacturer’s instructions properly.

Cavity Wall Insulation – Help us To Get A Clearer Picture

Collecting Data On Problem Properties

It is clear from the people that we speak to and read about, that the governments and ofgem’s estimates of the problem is much smaller than the reality.

In an effort to be able to highlight the issue and drive this forward we need to get a much better picture of the problem.

We are therefore, in the process of creating a database of people whose properties and lives are being affected by faulty cavity wall insulation.

If you would like to share your story then let us know via our contact page we would appreciate your contribution.

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