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Evidence Exposes The CWI Scandal

Further evidence adds fuel to the fire of the growing CWI scandal.

The long awaited BRE Wales report commissioned by Constructing Excellence in Wales, has now been released.

The report provides conclusive evidence supporting the claims made that the CWI scandal is set to rival that of mis-sold PPI.

What follows is a summary of the key points of the report. The full document can be found HERE

The report is focused on housing stock managed both privately and by housing associations.

The homes inspected all suffered from some level of damp thus meaning that it does do not represent a nationwide average. What the report does highlight is for a more detailed National Survey to determine the full extent of the problem.


The report has shown that the 100’s of houses surveyed all had failing CWI, some of which had failed in less than 10 years.

BRE highlighted the fact that CWI had been installed in homes deemed ‘unsuitable’, with little regard for ‘best practice’.

The Mistakes

The CWI had been installed in to homes suffering from at least one or more of the following factors;

  • Located in areas exposed to severe levels of wind driven rain
  • Cavities with a span less than 50mm
  • Cavities bridged with debris and fallen mortar
  • Evidence of uneven fill, gaps and slumping from the initial installation
  • No evidence of pre installation checks
  • Little indication that the guidance available at the time of installation was being followed.

The Consequences

The entire affects of the botched CWI/EWI are yet to be fully realised, but the report did highlight 27 ‘unintended consequences’. These included;

  • More damp and mould
  • Drop in internal wall temperature
  • Compromised electrical safety
  • Increased levels of respiratory illness
  • Fuel poverty
  • Structural failure and decay of walls
  • Increased threat of both dry and wet rot to timbers and floors
  • High levels of toxins in the air

Perhaps the most disturbing aspects of the report are the financial and environmental impacts.

This ill-conceived government scheme could cause chaos for decades to come. The CWI scandal is risking the health and wealth of millions of UK people.

To extract the damaged CWI costs nearly 5 times what it originally cost to install.

The removed material is not biodegradable and is being buried in landfill sites.

Certain types of extracted material emit fumes which are toxic to both humans and animals.

The energy needed to heat a home with failing CWI exceeds that of the same property before installation.

In conclusion, this report shows us how important it has become for a much more rigorous and widespread investigation.

It also begs the question, why are parliament still dragging their feet and failing to act?

Pressure from action groups, MP’s, victims,environmental experts and now the BRE still hasn’t produced a satisfactory response.